About Our Organization

"A group of people who sit down and change the world one byte at a time."


Established in the Detroit area, Modern Mind Technology (MMT) provides innovative and visually appealing technology products and services for businesses and organizations alike, on a nation-wide scale.


Our niche is unrivaled: We offer individualized relationships that yield accurate and concise strategies for entities of any size. Grow your business with cost-effective digital solutions, ranging from basic website design to e-commerce and enterprise solutions. 


In layman's terms, our mission is to help Michigan small businesses build a spectacular online presence in the most efficient manner possible. 


The process of finding the perfect balance between the artistic and scientific side of technology drives our passion to bring about positive change to our industry. We love revolutionary ideas, and we hope you do too! 


What We Do Differently

Our company values strong client relationships most of all. We feel that our strategy works best when our team thoroughly understands the business, goals, and aspirations of our clientele. When you work with Modern Mind Technology you will be pleasantly surprised by how professional, friendly, and supportive our team is.


In a sense, we're like a good friend that can teach your team how to generate new leads using technology. 


Over the years, we have discovered ways to design websites in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. That's why our design packages cost about a fifth of what our competitors charge.


Awards & Distinctions

We have received distinguishments from several government officials including Congresspeople, Senators, and the Governor of Michigan to name just a few.


In 2018, our company was selected as one of three national finalists for a Young Entrepreneur Achievement Award by the United States Chamber of Commerce.


Our founder & CEO, Grant Sobczak, is the youngest member of the local chamber of commerce and Rotary club. Grant was a national finalist in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Saunders Scholarship Awards 2016.


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